About The Salon Agency

The Salon Agency is a digital agency that serves independent salons with website design, SEO, and digital marketing services.

Why Choose The Salon Agency?

The Salon Agency was founded to help salons grow their businesses and take the pain out of growing in this digital world we live in! We have a passion for helping businesses and salons grow.

About The Salon Agency
Meet Josh & Allison

Meet the Founders of The Salon Agency

We’re a dynamic duo that have a passion for helping others. We started dating when Allison was at the Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and Josh was attending the University of Minnesota. We eventually moved back to our hometown, got married, and started a family. 

Allison had a successful career as a cosmetologist and esthetician; but decided to become a stay at home mom when our first child was born. Josh has had a passion for digital since he was a kid, and has chased that passion into his career. He is a digital marketing director for Garland’s Inc. and owns Bear North Digital, the parent company of The Salon Agency.

Why Start The Salon Agency?

Allison wouldn’t let Josh start a salon that she could run and own; so this is the next best thing. We get to help salon owners like yourselves grow and scale your business through digital tactics like improved websites, search engine optimization, email marketing, social, and more! Josh is still a little salty about it, but hey, it makes sense, we should stick to what we are good at! 

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